New SARS-CoV-2 Process:

  • Only the trauma nurse, trauma surgeon, one surgical resident, and RT (for intubated patients) may enter the control room during imaging.
  • The resident will stay at the Epic terminal near the door to facilitate phone calls and consults
  • The nurse, surgeon, resident, and optional RT will wear face mask and eye protection at all times while in the control room. This may serve to reduce the risk of exposure to undiagnosed COVID-19 among the personnel present.
  • The nurse, surgeon, resident, and optional RT will maintain social distancing from the CT tech as much as possible.
  • The CT tech normally processing requisitions next to the accessory CT console to Room 3 should leave the area while the trauma patient is on the table so the trauma surgeon can view images on that console.
  • The trauma surgeon will not hover behind the tech performing the scan in order to maintain social distancing.
  • Neither the neuroradiologist nor the body radiologist should be needed in the control room except for very unusual circumstances. They will call the surgeon on the bat phone with all results.
  • Since delayed scans are extremely uncommon, the patient will be moved off the scan table and out of the CT room ASAP unless the trauma surgeon sees a need for further scans.
  • The trauma surgeon may modify these guidelines in unusual circumstances, such as multiple trauma activations or situations in which he or she must leave the control room.

(v2.0 8/5/2020)