Glasgow Coma Scale And Trauma Activation

The American College of Surgeons has a list of seven required criteria that must trigger a top-level trauma activation at trauma centers verified by it. One of the seven involves the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score, and the threshold is defined as GCS < 9.  However, the range of actual scores used by trauma programs varies widely from about 13 down to the minimum of 8.

So I’m curious: what does your trauma center use? Please help me out and answer the survey I’ve posted below. Remember, I am asking for the threshold you use for only your top-level trauma activation. I’ll post the range of answers next week. Thanks!

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GCS / Trauma Activation Survey

What is the highest GCS score that triggers a top-level trauma activation at your trauma center?

What is the zip/postal code for your trauma center? (Optional, to help me eliminate duplicates)

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Source: The Trauma Professionals’s Blog